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UPM enjoins Phi House tenants to register with OSA

With UP Manila assuming management of the UPM Phi House Dormitory (UPMPHD), Chancellor Tee urges tenants to register with and to submit the necessary documents to the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) for them to be officially recognized as bonafide occupants of the dormitory.

While the university acknowledges that they signed a contract with the erstwhile managers, tenants are still required to register with OSA, in line with the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) governing the UPMPHD. As tenants of the dormitory, they shall enjoy the benefits and privileges stipulated in the IRR, such as the socialized rental fees and dormitory assistance fund.

After some students expressed their hesitation to register with the OSA due to threats of possible breach of contract, Chancellor Tee assured them that the University will take care of them. He said he does not believe that the donors of the UPMPHD would go to the extent of suing students.

“The members of the Oversight Committee are all members of the UP Manila faculty. They are all donors that helped build this dormitory.  While it is unfortunate that some individuals employed by the evicted management group are threatening you, we will ask the Committee to reconsider the possibility of just returning the money they collected,” Tee conveyed. He added that he refuses to believe that there even is a valid contract. He asked, “What entity are they representing if the so-called third party management group is not procured as mandated by RA9184 otherwise known as the Government Procurement Reform Act?”

It was reiterated that privacy and confidentiality rules of the University shall be observed and maintained in the collection of registration forms. As requested by the tenants, OSA announced that the deadline of registration is extended until 31 January 2024.

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