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UP Manila Statement on the Anti-Terrorism Bill (Updated, 12 June 2020)

The Anti-Terrorism Bill: 
A Tool to Legitimize Repression and Undermine Human Rights

A Statement of Concerned Faculty and Staff of UP Manila

   We, the faculty and staff of the University of the Philippines Manila, are one with the Filipino people in opposing the Anti-Terrorism Bill of 2020 which has been passed by both houses of the Philippine Congress. We firmly believe that the Anti-Terrorism Bill will be used as a tool to legitimize repression, institutionalize and intensify human rights violations in the country.

The concerns and apprehensions of various sectors of Philippine society, including the international community like the United Nations Human Rights Office ( and the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights ( on the Anti-Terrorism Bill are well founded.  These emanate from the highly questionable and problematic provisions of the bill (HB 6875), namely:

  1. Section 4: Expanded definition of terrorism to wit: acts intended to cause death or serious bodily injury to any person, or endangers a person’s life; acts intended to cause extensive damage or destruction to a government or public facility, public place or private property; act intended to cause extensive interference with, damage or destruction to critical infrastructure ( Although advocacy and political mass actions or gatherings like rallies, demonstrations, pickets, strikes, etc. are excluded in the definition of terrorism, there is a proviso that these activities should not put at risk public safety, a condition which can be defined by State authorities. The power to determine who is a terrorist individual, terrorist organization/group, a terrorist supporter, terrorist accessory, is placed in the hands of the State.
  2. Section 16: Legalization of surveillance activities and recording of communications with a written order from the Court of Appeals to wit:  tracking down, following, investigating individuals or organizations; or tapping, listening, intercepting & recording of messages, conversations, discussions, written or spoken word, including computer and network surveillance, and other communications of individuals engaged in terrorism, for a period of 60 days but may be extended or renewed for another 30 days ( 
  3. Section 29: Warrantless arrest and detention of suspected terrorists for a period of 14 days and can be extended up to a maximum period of 10 days or a total of 24 days. ( 
  4. Section 34: Restriction of the right to travel of an individual even prior to the filing of a formal charge through the application of a precautionary hold departure order (PHDO) issued by a court. 
  5. Deletion of the punishment imposed on State agents/agencies if suspected terrorist is acquitted or charges dismissed as stipulated in RA 9372:  Human Security Act of 2007, Section 41. Under the existing law, State agents whether law enforcement agents and/or the military are mandated to pay the falsely accused individual/s P500,000 per day of detention each.  The amount shall be taken from the appropriation of the agency of the State agents which filed the case/s against the individual/s (

Under a government that does not tolerate criticism, vindictive in nature, authoritarian in its governance style, and that relies on State violence in addressing the country’s problems, the passage into law of the Anti-Terrorism bill, certified as urgent by the President, will surely  be used by the government in silencing and crashing its critics, and suppressing dissent and opposition.  The very broad definition of terrorism gives too much discretion to State authorities in defining activities deemed as “terrorist” and illegal. The proposed law is highly dangerous and subject to abuse. Any activity considered inimical to the interests, stability and security of State officials and their families could be labeled illegal.

The rights to free speech, expression and peaceful assembly, rights to association and privacy, and the right to due process will be under attack and seriously violated when the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 is in place.

We call on the members of the Philippine Congress to junk the Anti-Terrorism Bill, and instead address the country’s pressing crises of the global pandemic, hunger, poverty, and social injustice.

Junk the Anti-Terrorism Bill!

Defend human rights and a life in dignity!

UP Manila Faculty and Staff
8 June 2020


UP Manila School of Health Sciences (UPM-SHS)
 – Leyte (Main campus) / Baler, Aurora / Koronadal, South Cotabato

Prof. Filedito D. Tandinco, Dean

Asst. Prof. Ciriaco A. Ty, Director, SHS Koronadal

Asst. Prof. Robelita N. Varona, Director, SHS Baler

Associate Prof. Adelaida D. Gaytos Rosaldo, Chair, Dept. of Medicine

Asst. Prof. Meredith D. Labarda

Asst. Prof. Charlie E. Labarda

Asst. Prof. Charlie C. Falguera

Asst. Prof. Bernadette Octa Samaniego

Asst. Prof. Hype Raymund V. Aujero

Asst. Prof. Oscar B. De Paz

Mr. Lheo Z. Saragena

Ms. Ruvi-Ann Tan Linugao

Ms. Elizabeth S. LIba

Prof. Rolando O. Borrinaga

Mr Dominador Tejones Jr.

Mr Roberto S. Basilio

Prof. Jusie Lydia J. Siega-Sur

Asst. Prof. Pedro M. Magadan

Asst. Prof. Ben O. De Paz

Ms. Granada T. Soniel – Administrative Officer, SHS Baler

Mr. Art V. Domingo – Faculty, SHS Koronadal

Mrs. Venilda V. Llevado – College Librarian

National Teacher Training Center for the Health Professions (NTTCHP)

Prof. Melflor Atienza, Dean

Prof. Erlyn Sana

Niña F. Yanilla

Maria Lourdes Dorothy S. Salvacion

Dr. Michael P. Sy

College of Allied Medical Professions (CAMP)

Prof  Maria Eliza Aguila, Dean

Ms. Alma V. Labro

Ms. Pristine Ellise T. Chua

Ms  Raiza Mariae R. Ruiz

Mr. Jeffrey Ralph B. Luces

Ms. Krysta Ellieza C. Perez

Ms. Jackielyn D. Ruiz

Mr. Gabriel C. Tan

Ms. Roselle M. Guisihan

Asst. Prof. Kristofferson G. Mendoza

Prof. Ma Concepcion C. Cabatan

Carlos Dominic D. Olegario

Attillah Mae B. Alog

College of Arts & Sciences  (CAS)

Prof. Nymia P. Simbulan

Assoc. Prof Rafael A. Villar

Mr. Kenneth Recio

Asst Prof Carolina Pulumbarit

Asst Prof Odessa Joson

Ms Rozheanne Hilario

Ms Jessalyn Basco

Asst Prof Mishima Miciano

Asst Prof Katherine Arceta

Ms Caselyn Morada

Asst Prof Chadwick Sy Su

Asst Prof Alice Adeva

John Guiller P. Realin
Jacqueline F. Baltasar

Emil G. Duenas

Conradoliberato R. Aparato

Aurea D. Dioquino
Chessa S. Pituk

Jay T. Dalet, PhD

Jasper A. Obico, PhD

Jeffrey P. Mancera, MSc

Miriam P. De Vera, PhD

Josephine D. Agapito, DrPH

Lydia R. Leonardo DrPH

Margaret C. De Guzman, MSc

Edison Jay Pagoso, MSc.

Rosario R. Rubite, PhD

Melody Anne B. Ocampo, MSc.

Ms. Arlene D. Talaña

Asst Prof Katherine Arceta

Ms Caselyn Morada

Asst Prof Chadwick Sy Su

Asst Prof Alice Adeva

Prof. Reynaldo Imperial

Prof. Carl Marc L. Ramota

Prof. Jerome A. Ong

Prof. Mary Dorothy dL. Jose

Dr. Rommel F. Linatoc

Prof. Sharon A. Caringal

Prof. Reginald S. Vallejos

Prof. Julian V. Advincula, Jr.

Dr. Lourdes E. Abadingo

Prof. Aleli M. Caraan

Lorenzo M. David

Andrea Martinez

Marie Josephine M. De Luna

Aaron Noel Genato

John Justin Mesias

Christine Joy Octavo

Lorenz Timothy Ranera

Ken Joffaniel Gonzales

Herbert Domingo

Ralph Thomas Maestre

Berwin Jarret Yu

Marvin Pelovello

Francis Cabalo

Ronald Florendo Llarenas

Judee Anne Enriquez

Arvin Marasigan

Adam Jesson Cometa

Shirley Nulud

May Bernardo

Vincent Paul Munar

Mark Jeremiah Cleofas

Jamie Bernadette Sy

Fatima Joy Cruz

Marcelina Lirazan

Marilou Nicolas

Eden Dominga Huelgas

Christopher Robidillo

Therese Anne Basco-Uy

Atty. Rowena Soriano

Ms. Kiveli Venz Paneda

College of Nursing (CN)

Asst. Prof. Peter James Abad, RN, MSc

Asst. Prof. Jenniffer Paguio, RN, MA, C

Asst. Prof. Aprille Banayat, RN, MA

Ms. Alexandra Bernal, RN- URA

Asst. Prof. Kristine Joy Tomanan, RN, MCD

Asst. Prof. John Joseph Posadas, RN, MSAHP

Asst. Prof. Alyssa Jenny Tupaz, RN, MA

Asst. Prof. Efrelyn Iellamo, RN, MA

Assoc. Prof. Luz Barbara Dones, RN, MPH

College of Dentistry  (CD)

Dr. Vicente O. Medina III

Dr. Ma. Concepcion B. Medina

College of Public Health  (CPH)

Mr. Harvey C. Domingo, PTRP

College of Medicine  (CM)

Dr. Amelia R. Fernandez

Dr. Olympia Q. Malanyaon

Dr. Anthony Geronimo H. Cordero, Director (UP CHDP)

Dr. Paolo Victor N. Medina

Dr. Louricha A. Opina-Tan

Dr. Manuel Francisco T Roxas

Dr. Geohari Hamoy (UP-CHDP)

Dr. Leniza Hamoy, Department of Pediatrics 

Dr. Benjamin Sablan

Dr. Mary Anne Castor

Dr. Carmina de los Reyes

Dr. Olivia C. F. Reyes

Dr. Ma. Liza Antoinette Gonzales

Dr. Julianne Pascual 

Dr. Edilberto Jr. B. Garcia

Dr. Catherine Lynn T. Silao

Dr. Sally Jane G. Velasco-Aro

Dr. Andrea Orel S. Valle

Dr. Emma A. Llanto   

Dr. Vanessa F. Torres-Ticzon

Dr. Angelica Cecilia V. Tomas

Dr. Melissa P. Ramboanga

Dr. Edison T. Ty   

Dr. Ma. Concepcion C. Sison 

Dr. Dexter Eugene D. Cheng

Dr. Maria Isabel O. Quilendrino

Dr. Jonathan S.  Cu 

Dr. Fides Roxanne M. Castor

Dr. Lorna R. Abad

Dr. Sylvia C. Estrada     

Dr. Germana V.  Gregorio   

Dr. Lourdes Genuino

Dr. Ma. Melanie Liberty B. Alcausin

Dr. Leniza G. De Castro-Hamoy

Dr. Anna Lisa T. Ong-Lim    

Dr. Benilda C.  Sanchez-Gan  

Dr. Cheryl Anne P. Lubaton-Sacro

Dr. Resti Ma. M. Bautista

Dr. Jacinto Blas III V. Mantaring  

Dr. Ma. Esterlita V. Uy

Dr. Roslyn Marie K.  Dychiao  

Dr. Isabella S. Ocampo

Dr. Renee Anne Karmela L. Feliciano

Dr. Stacey Kaye N. Militante

Dr. Frangelo Conrad P. Tampus

Dr. Cleotilde H. How

Dr. Stella Manalo

Dr. Felice Katrina T. Ranche

Dr. Darby E. Santiago

Dr. Edelina P. De la Paz

Dr. Salvador Eugenio C. Caoili, PhD

College of Pharmacy  (CP)

Bienvenido S. Balotro, Dean

Ethel Andrea C. Ladignon

Razile Kay A. Quibin

Clinton B. Gomez

Hannah Lei B. Ocampo

Joanna V. Toralba

Vivente Paolo A. Rubio

Patrick Junard S. Regidor

Czarina Dominique R. Rodriguez

Robertson D. Rivera

Edwin C. Ruamero, Jr.  

Prof. Monet M. Loquias

Inst. Marc Joseph A. Sison

Inst. Kristine Eves S. Garcia

Prof. Yolanda R. Robles

Asst. Prof. Frances Lois U. Ngo

Prof. Erna C. Arollado

Thelma C. Raymundo, Admin Staff

Carlo L. Perete

Central Administration

Cynthia M. Villamor, IPPAO

Anne Marie D. Alto, IPPAO

Fedelynn M. Jemena, IPPAO

Anne Loren Claire Santos, OVCAA

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