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UP Manila signs MOU with Nagoya City University

In the picture: Representatives of UP Manila and Nagoya City University: (Seated, L-R): Professor Kazunobu Sawamoto, Professor Emeritus Takashi Okamoto, Chancellor Carmencita Padilla, and Dean Romeo Quizon of the College of Public Health. (Standing, L-R) Dr. Evalyn Roxas, Dr. Kaori Asamitsu, Professor Marohren Tobias-Altura, retired Professor Nina Gloriani, Dr. Fresthel Monica Climacosa, and Dr. Tammy dela Rosa

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the University of the Philippines Manila (UP Manila) and Nagoya City University (NCU) was signed last 4 February 2019 at Lara Hall, College of Public Health (CPH).

UPM Chancellor Carmencita Padilla signed the document in the presence of NCU Professor Emeritus Takashi Okamoto, Professor Kazunobu Sawamoto, and CPH Dean Romeo Quizon. Also participating in this historical event are Dr. Kaori Asamitsu of NCU Graduate School of Medical Sciences; Dr. Tammy dela Rosa, Director of the Office of International Linkages (OIL) of UPM; Dr. Evalyn Roxas, CPH representative to OIL; Prof. Marohren Tobias-Altura, head of the Department of Medical Microbiology (DMM) of CPH; retired Prof. Nina Gloriani; and, Dr. Fresthel Monica Climacosa of DMM.

This MOU, which coincides with the 92nd Foundation celebration of CPH, formalizes and strengthens the more than 20 years of good relationship between NCU and DMM. Both institutions have jointly produced several groundbreaking researches on HIV treatment pioneered by Dr. Okamoto and Dr. Gloriani. It also resulted into human resource development of staff, students, and researchers from UPM as Dr. Okamoto not only lectured on various symposia at UPM, but mentored them as well through trainings, Masters and Doctoral undertakings at NCU.

With the new MOU, another facet to the partnership is added. Aside from continuing exchanges for the students, faculty members, and research fellows,  the two universities will now seek to establish a collaborative study group for emerging viruses which would result in publications of excellent research papers and development of young virologists in the country. With the era of globalization upon us and regional harmonization of education in Asia, these exchanges of expertise, skills, knowledge as well as culture, will surely drive a new wave of world-class innovations and translational researches.

Report by:
Fresthel Monica M. Climacosa, MD, PhD
Department of Medical Microbiology, College of Public Health
University of the Philippines Manila

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