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UP Manila holds Development Program for Junior Faculty

The University of the Philippines Manila conducted a three-day development program aimed at empowering junior faculty members, enhancing their teaching effectiveness, and fostering their leadership skills to enable them to manage the demands of their academic responsibilities.

The event was held at the Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay from June 24 to 26, 2023.

In her video-recorded message, Chancellor Carmencita D. Padilla expressed the importance of helping faculty members become effective leaders in the university. She emphasized the need to strike a balance between professional and personal life and highlighted the significance of effective communication with the young generation of students who have a unique perspective on life and society.

Day 1 – Nurturing the Gen Z Learners

The first day of the program focused on engaging and motivating “Gen Z” learners. Dr. Evangeline dela Fuente, chair of the UP College of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, delved into the principles behind teaching-learning strategies for this generation.

Dr. Bernadette Heizel M. Reyes and Dr. Coralie Therese Dimacali, both from the UPCM, expounded on rethinking tools and techniques to effectively teach Gen Z students. They presented various teaching-learning strategies that align with the learning preferences of this tech-savvy generation.

Day 2 – Crafting a Professional Portfolio

The second day centered on the development of a professional teaching portfolio, research portfolio, and academic

portfolio. Dr. Maria Julieta Corazon M. Victoriano-Germar, also from UPCM, shared her experiences in teaching medical students online during the pandemic and highlighted the importance of catering to different learning styles.

Dr. Derick Erl P. Sumalapao, from the UP College of Public Health, emphasized the significance of research in advancing knowledge and shaping policies. Meanwhile, Prof. Chadwick C. Sy Su shared his expertise in crafting an academic portfolio and encouraged the faculty to find their identity beyond their job.

Prof. Erlyn A. Sana from the UP National Teacher Training Center for the Health Professions stressed the importance of engaging in extension services as part of developing a comprehensive professional portfolio.

Day 3 – Stories on Leadership

The final day featured inspiring “Stories on Leadership” from distinguished guests. Dr. Maria Cynthia Rose Banzon-Bautista, former UP Vice President for Academic Affairs, shared her journey and the valuable lessons she learned at UP.

Former Dean of the College of Pharmacy Yolanda R. Robles emphasized the importance of embracing different seasons of life and the significance of passing on the knowledge to the next generation.

For her part, Chancellor Padilla shared her personal stories on leadership and highlighted the importance of embracing challenges and being open to unexpected opportunities, just like the time when she accepted the opportunity to become chancellor and embraced its functions and demands.

I Charmaine A. Lingdas

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