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Research Integrity Education Caravan 6 highlights REPSA’s 26th anniversary celebration

As part of the Research, Extension, and Professional Staff Association’s (REPSA) 26th anniversary celebration, the UPM Office of Research Integrity (ORI) held the Research Integrity Education Caravan 6, a seminar dedicated to upholding research ethics and fostering integrity in academic pursuits.

Held on Sept. 22, 2023 at the UP Manila Social Hall, the event aimed to provide valuable insights and guidance on maintaining the highest standards of research ethics. It featured an impressive lineup of expert speakers who delved into various aspects of research integrity.

In her welcome message, UP Manila Chancellor Carmencita Padilla emphasized the crucial role of research integrity in advancing knowledge and maintaining the reputation of UP Manila as a Health Science Center. Chancellor Padilla also stressed the invaluable contributions of REPS on research, innovation, and community engagement both within and outside the university.

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Nymia Simbulan stated the need for consistent recognition of the contributions made by the REPS. She urged everyone to work towards creating an enabling and conducive work environment through research assistance, data collection workshops, seminars, and other critical activities that facilitate knowledge generation, discovery, and innovation. Furthermore, she stressed the importance of promoting and advancing the rights of REPS as a distinct sector within the university.

Dr. Jacinto Blas Mantaring III, chair of the Research Ethics Board, shed light on the unethical practices of fabrication and falsification in research. UP College of Nursing Asst. Prof. Erwin William Leyva, on the other hand, provided an in-depth exploration of plagiarism, a pressing issue in academia.

Dr. Jean Anne Toral, PGH Expanded Hospital Research Office chief, discussed authorship in research collaborations. She highlighted the ethical considerations surrounding authorship credit and offered guidance on navigating authorship dilemmas.

Meanwhile, UP College of Pharmacy Asst. Prof. Joanna Orejola exposed the dangers of predatory journals and conferences, urging researchers to exercise vigilance when selecting platforms for their work. She provided valuable tips to identify and avoid such predatory entities.

Vice Chancellor for Research and ORI Director Dr. Edward Wang discussed the ethical dilemmas on the use of ChatGPT and emphasized its positive applications in research.

As REPSA continues to play a vital role in supporting the research and professional staff at UP Manila, events like the research integrity caravan continue to equip the research support personnel in fulfilling better their roles and tasks.

The caravan was co-organized by the REPSA and Human Resource Development Office of UP Manila.

(Charmaine Lingdas)

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