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NTTCHP Anniversary Day Two: Developing A Value-Based College Agenda

“Identifying first the institutional identity and its core values that would guide the community extension of an academic institution is important in developing a valuebased college agenda,”

Dr. Maria Cristina E. Zulueta, Dean of the College of Medicine, La Consolacion University of the Philippines (LCUP)

Said in her keynote message on Day Two of the celebration of the 49th Anniversary of the National Teacher Training Center for the Health Professions (NTTCHP), held on 30 January 2024 at the Citystate Tower Hotel.

The Dean’s keynote message was based on the journey of their College of Medicine and the results and findings of her very own dissertation entitled, Grounding a quality assurance Framework for a New College of Medicine from the Perspectives of the Deans of PAASCU Level 3 and 4 Accredited Medical Schools, and other notable researches on value-based agenda. Her topic, the Development of Value-Based College Research and Extension Frameworks, described the culture and strategic management of both employees and students they established in LCUP.

Thereafter, she identified the steps in developing a value-based agenda:

  1. Identify your institutional identity and core values
  2. Set your goals and explore resources
  3. Formulate your strategic and operational plans
  4. Implement activities and strategies on the operational plans
  5. Monitor implementation of plans
  6. Improve on the implementation based on the monitoring

“Personal values must conform with the institutional core values. Core values must be clear to all personnel for everyone to practice. Walk the talk and be the living/walking book of the core value,” Dean Zulueta said, and added that these must be practiced by everyone from the institution or organization.

After her lecture, an open discussion was started to cater questions, reactions, and suggestions from the attendees, followed by a parallel symposium with invited significant presenters to share the important details, especially the findings or results, of their respective research studies. Each presentation was accompanied with a question and answer session to facilitate learning opportunities with the attendees of the conference.

Day Two of the research conference was filled with other activities, all connected to the commemoration of NTTCHP’s 49 years.

Angelou C. Mendoza

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