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Three universities made benchmarking visit to UP Manila

The benchmarking visit to UP Manila of the Visayas State University, North Eastern Mindanao State University, and Universitas Mataram (Indonesia) was held on Aug. 10, 2023 at the Vicente Tiu Lim Hall of the Henry Sy Sr. Hall, College of Medicine. 

The special representatives from each university who attended and participated in the event were as follows: Edgardo E. Tulin, President of Visayas State University,  Dr. Erwin B. Berry, Curriculum Director of North Eastern Mindanao State University (NEMSU), and Dr. Hamsu Kadriyan, SpTHT-KL (K) M. Kes, Dean of Faculty of Medicine of Universitas Mataram (Indonesia).

UP Manila being recognized as the premier national university of the Philippines has become the standard higher learning institution of other universities. Thus, through benchmarking, local and international universities were able to compare and either maintain or improve the quality of their facilities, teaching system, and academic programs or curricula; and identify the best practices for the faculty, students, and administration.

The benchmarking event showcased the programs of the UPCM through the videos shown, such as the UPCM Basic Medical Education Program, Faculty Appointment, Faculty Development, and Student Welfare, Research Management, External and International Linkages, Post-graduate programs, and Physical Infrastructure.

The UPCM faculty and staff also allotted time for the question and answer segment of the event to facilitate the guests’ active involvement and healthy exchange of information.

The benchmarking event was capped off with a tour of the CM buildings, simulation laboratories, and other facilities.

Angelou C. Mendoza

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