SHS Tarlac launches 6-year Strategic Plans

The UP Manila School of Health Sciences-Tarlac (UPM SHS-Tarlac) recently held a two-day strategic planning for its 6-year action plans through a virtual platform and face-to-face modes. In partnership and cooperation with the Provincial Government of Tarlac, the program aimed to formulate the strategic directions of the campus as it opens its doors to students starting the Academic Year of 2021-2022.

Included in the plans were initiatives in (1) Academic Curriculum which focuses on the plans and smooth implementation of the Midwifery, Bachelor of Nursing, and Doctor of Medicine program; (2) Strengthening of Internal and External Linkages and Partnerships to ensure a strong working relationship with the Provincial Government of Tarlac and other LGUs, as well as a good working relationship with internal and external stakeholders; (3) Faculty and Administrative Development which ensures that the faculty and staff are always aligned with the vision and strategic goals of the University as well as to provide them with opportunities to grow and develop in their personal and academic aspects, (4) Campus Development Plan that focuses not only on the fast implementation of the infrastructure needs but as well as fast internet connection and preparation of the campus for the new normal; (5) Student Welfare Development to ensure the safety and security of the students as well as cater to their most pressing needs; (6) Recruitment and Admission which aims to strengthen the coordination with target LGUs to increase and intensify the school’s recruitment; (7) Research which aims to boost the research capacity of the faculty for tenure and academic growth; and (8) Extension Services that includes a comprehensive extension services program as well as a strong partnership with stakeholders.

Chancellor Carmencita Padilla encouraged the group to dream big and ensured her utmost support, “Asahan niyo po na ako’y nasa inyong likod at sisiguraduhain ko na magagampanan  natin ang lahat  ng inyong paplanuhin sa araw na ito.” And in the words of SHS Dean Dr Filedito “Joboy” Tandinco, “This is just the beginning of great strides towards good health for Tarlac’s poor and sick citizenry”.

January Kanindot

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