University of Philippines Manila

Phi House Tenants’ Welfare: A UPM Admin Priority (Press Release)

“While the final demand to vacate issued to the unauthorized property managers was
signed in April 2023, our new UP Manila administration barred their entry only during
the break to prevent disruption. We wanted to ensure that students will not be affected
by any untoward reaction from the evicted parties,” Chancellor Michael Tee states in his
opening statement during the town hall meeting with UPM Phi House Dormitory
(UPMPHD) tenants and University Student Council (USC) members on 24 January

  1. He assured tenants of non-displacement as the University assumes responsibility
    of managing the dorm.

In assuring dormers that they will not be affected by the change in management, Tee
explained that the University shall follow the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR)
governing the UPMPHD signed on 23 November 2016. As such, all current tenants in
the dorm shall be allowed to stay until they finish their program or until they wish to
leave, whichever comes earlier.

After learning that the UPMPHD tenants are currently paying PhP5,000 across the
board, the Chancellor requested OSA to ensure the immediate implementation of
socialized rental fees for the dorm according to the Socialized Tuition System (STS)
brackets of the admitted tenants as stipulated in the IRR. This means that the fees shall
range from PhP1,500 to PhP5,000. The current UPMPHD tenants may avail of this by
submitting to OSA a copy of their contract and proof of payments, such as deposit slips,
bank transaction records, and other related documents.

Some tenants also raised the concern on how to recover their security deposit
amounting to PhP25,000.00 — 5x the amount mandated by the IRR. While this caught
Chancellor Tee by surprise, he guaranteed them that the University will talk to the
foundation leaders on how they can get refunded. This practice is contrary to the IRR
which mandates that UPMPHD tenants shall pay one month’s rent as deposit that shall

be held as breakage fee and is refundable when the resident permanently vacates the
premises, and a one-month advance rent.

“The University shall pursue all legal means so that all monies amassed through the
unauthorized collection in the prior years shall be returned to the University and the
students,” Chancellor Tee underscored.

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