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Historic 100% Passing Rate for UP Manila in First-Ever Speech-Language Pathology Licensure Exam

November 20, 2023 — The University of the Philippines Manila is celebrating a momentous achievement as all 141 examinees from the College of Allied Medical Professions successfully passed the FIRST EVER Speech-Language Pathology Licensure Examination conducted on November 13 and 14, 2023.

This extraordinary feat not only solidifies UP Manila’s commitment to academic excellence but also places the institution among the top-performing schools with a remarkable 100% passing rate.

Among the 59 top-notchers in the examination, an impressive 35 (59%) are proud graduates of UP Manila’s BS Speech Pathology program. Standing out among these accomplished individuals is UP Manila faculty member, Ms. Pristine Ellise T. Chua, who secured the top spot, marking an unprecedented achievement in the university’s history.

The outstanding performance is a testament to the dedication and competence of both students and faculty, reflecting the UP community’s unwavering commitment to providing high-quality healthcare for Filipinos.

The top 10 examinees who excelled in the First-Ever Speech-Language Pathology Licensure Examination, along with their respective rankings, are:

Top 1 – Ms. Pristine Ellise T. Chua 

Top 2 – Gillianne Joy Sarte Cruz

Top 2 – Marion Louise Gaya Virtucio

Top 3 – Serena Justine Tanbauco Tan

Top 4 – Mariam Lujain Jajurie Anwar Bahraq

Top 4 – Nina Alexis De Los Santos Benedicto

Top 4 – Jonathan Averilla Cruz

Top 5 – Melissa Romaine Koa Cheng

Top 5 – Justine Maetus Baldino Medina

Top 5 – Jean Kaye Millan Tolentino

Top 6 – Julianna Ysabel Garcia Aleta

Top 6 – Abiegail Ventura Bonifacio

Top 6 – Ana Sofia Flores David

Top 6 – Indiana Louise Jalimao Ramos

Top 6 – Maria Blanquita Mata Salvador

Top 7 – Annika Jenine Dela Cruz Uy

Top 8 – Sophia Ellyse Tieng Chua

Top 8 – Julienne Isabelle Cabildo Galang

Top 8 – Nicole Bernadette Cervantes Mercado

Top 8 – Lara Francesca Royong Rempillo

Top 8 – Hillary Kaylin Chua Sy

Top 8 – Paula Marie Sanvictores Tison

Top 9 – Andrea Jade Aguirre Bondoc

Top 9 – Katrina Isabelle Estrada Desquitado

Top 9 – Katrina Ysabel De Leon Dimayuga

Top 9 – Kyla Kristiana Faelnar Lu

Top 9 – Tiffany Toney Ponte Magpoc

Top 9 – Katrina Claire Reyes Marcaida

Top 9 – Justine Mirabelle Lao Mayor

Top 9 – Nicole Angelika Tamayo Pingol

Top 9 – Ainah Barte Tarawi

Top 10 – Ramon Angelo Patawaran Jacinto

Top 10 – Micah Faith Malitan Marcial

Top 10 – Miguel Eduardo Manianglung Mercado

Top 10 – Vicenta Maritoni Mago Rosero

The entire UP community congratulates these exemplary individuals for their outstanding achievements and wishes them continued success in their professional endeavors.


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