Webinar on excellence in frontline service held

Director Hans R. Alcantara, Civil Service Commission National Capital Region acting asst. regional director and concurrent CSC Field Office-NIA director, served as facilitator of a two day training entitled Excellence in Frontline Service held via zoom on April 27 and 28 and attended by around 200 UPM employees. 




The Human Resource Development Office-organized webinar aimed to: (1) understand frontline service in the public sector, (2) determine ways to deal with different customers, (3) understand and put into practice the norms of conduct of public officials and employees (RA No. 6713), (4) understand frontline service in the context of RA 9485 and RA 11032, and (5) plan for personal ethical and virtuous growth. 


During the first day, Alcantara shared the relevance of public service excellence and characteristics of excellent service. He highlighted the importance of creating a service excellence climate with memorable customer experiences and identifying customers’ expectations, characteristics, and perceptions. 


On the second day, he discussed the eight norms of conduct: Commitment to Public Interest, Professionalism, Justness and Sincerity, Political Neutrality, Responsiveness to the Public, Nationalism, and Patriotism, Commitment to Democracy, and Simple Living. He likewise tackled briefly the The Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018 (RA No. 11032) to improve the University's business climate and streamlining processes. 


The webinar concluded with the employees creating a Frontline Service Development Plan and Commitment to the Growth and Journey in Public Service.  (Ma. Janelle D.A Gabion and Jeah May O. Badeo)