CAMP holds W.E.L.L Week




The College of Allied Medical Professions (CAMP) Student Relations Office organized a “Wellness Endeavors for Lifestyle and Leisure” or W.E.L.L Week on March 20-24, 2023 to promote health and wellness among CAMP students, faculty, and administrative staff.


This activity was conducted in collaboration with the CAMP Health and Wellness Committee, CAMP Student Council and Alliance in Wellness and Sports of Students of the Allied Medical Professions (AWSAMS) in response to the call of the Office of Student Affairs to engage in more activities that promote health and wellness, in addition to the existing preventive and interventional activities in the colleges. 


Additionally, the CAMP W.E.L.L Week activities were in line with one of the college’s strategic goals, which is “to nurture competent, healthy, agile, and future-oriented faculty, students, and administrative staff in an environment that supports personal and professional growth.”


The W.E.L.L Week covered daily interactive activities that provided physical and mental challenges as well as socio-emotional support. The Week started with a healthy breakfast where CAMPers enjoyed free taho.  The following day, the AWSAMS provided a 5-minute exercise video that served as a movement break during the morning and afternoon classes.  

Next, some of our friendly kaCAMPets visited the college where they enjoyed the attention of students, faculty, and staff during the lunch hour.  Everyone enjoyed taking pictures with their furry friends using their special photo booth.  


Lastly, the week ended with a 2-day Human Bingo Physical challenge and mini game day.  During those two days, everyone was invited to participate in different physical challenges to complete either a Bingo line or go for the Blackout Bingo challenge for some yummy but healthy snacks.  Interns deployed in different rotation sites, as well as students, faculty, and administrative staff working from home were also able to join. 


The video entries of the Human Bingo Physical challenge also served as their raffle entry tickets to a raffle draw for two gift certificates to some well deserved relaxation.  


The W.E.L.L Week activities were well received by the CAMP constituents amidst the busy week filled with laboratory sessions and exams. 


(Hannah Maria D. Albert)


CAMP Stakeholders enjoying their morning taho

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CAMP Human Bingo Physical challenge



CAMP Stakeholders video entries for the Human Bingo Physical challenge

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image.png           image.png

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Some healthy snacks to replenish the energy of those who participated in the Human Bingo Physical challenge





CAMP stakeholder taking pictures with our kaCAMPets 


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