PGH holds closing rites for 126 postgrad interns



September 9, 2022  — The Philippine General Hospital finally held a face-to-face commencement rites for 126 graduating clinical interns on July 8, 2022 at the Girl Scouts Philippines Auditorium, after having online graduations in the previous two years due to COVID. 

Themed “Sibol,” the Postgraduate Internship Closing Ceremony had renowned pediatric surgeon and award-winning writer Dr. Ronnie E. Baticulon as the keynote speaker. In his speech, Baticulon emphasized the role of failure and persistence in achieving success. “Before I won the Palanca award for essay, I failed four times. I only won on the fifth try. I am so comfortable with failure that I realized, it’s really how you grow”, he said as he encouraged the post-graduate interns to embrace setbacks in life as part of growth. 

He also assured the post-graduate interns that they have already proven their worth when they became doctors, and  now it is time to use this vocation to do good in service of the Filipino people. “Remember, all the letters that come after your name are useless unless you use them to do good, to be kind, and to serve others. Higit sa pagiging magaling ang pagiging mabuti [Kindness is far greater than excellence]”, he added. 

UP Manila Chancellor Carmencita Padilla and UP-PGH Director Gerardo Legaspi also congratulated the post-graduate interns virtually, during their respective opening remarks. 




To recollect their experiences as post-graduate interns and at the same time challenge her fellow graduating medical doctors, Dr. Christina Palomillo rendered a speech on behalf of Batch 2022. Meanwhile, Dr. Leopoldo Abad led the recitation of the PGH-AMA creed to formally admit the post-graduate interns to the PGH Association of Medical Alumni. 

“It is your duty to help others more than what the Lord has given you”, Deputy Director for Health Operations Dr. Stella Marie Jose stated as she gave her closing remarks.  Dr. Jose exhorted the post-graduate interns to pour out themselves passionately in service of the marginalized. 

The UP Medical Choir, UST Medical Glee Club, and San Beda Musika Medisina also graced the stage with their special numbers during the ceremony. 

The Post-Graduate Medical Internship Program of the Philippine General Hospital is a 12-month program integral to the UP College of Medicine undergraduate medical curriculum. It allows fifth year medical students to get onsite hospital training to enhance their intellectual competence and skills through diverse forms of patient encounters. 

Francis Nicole Maga | Published in Manila Healthscape Issue No. 42 (August 2022)