UP Manila shares best practices with WVSU

The delegates of West Visayas State University with UP Manila officials. From left to right, back to front: Ms. Christine Jaspe (WVSU HRMO), Asst. Prof. Arnold B. Peralta (UPCN Teaching Program Head), Dr. Liza Assumpta M. Jover (WVSU College of Dentistry Dean), Prof. Joanna C. Pabilona (WVSU College of Nursing Dean), Asst. Prof. Peter James Abad (UPCN), Dr. Roumilla Mendoza (WVSU College of Medicine Associate Dean for Academic Affairs), Dr. Victor Amantillo, Jr. (WVSU College of Medicine Dean), UPCN Dean Sheila Bonito, Richard Javier (UPM HRDO Director), UPM Budget Chief Lovelle Saguid, UPCD Dean Danilo Magtanong, Dr. Cristina M. Laureta (UPCD College Secretary), Dr. Abner L. Chan (UPCM College Secretary) UPCM Associate Dean for Academic Development Coralie Dimacali, UPCM Dean Charlotte Chiong, Dr. Ma. Asuncion Christine Dequilla (WVSU Vice President for Academic Affairs), Dr. Celina C. Gellada (WVSU Vice President for Medical and Allied Sciences), Vice Chancellor Nymia Simbulan, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance Arlene Samaniego.


26 May 2022  — The University of the Philippines Manila welcomed delegates from the West Visayas State University (WVSU) during a benchmarking visit to guide WVSU in advancing its health-related programs.

Benchmarking is a strategy for higher education institutions (HEIs) to learn from the standards, best practices, and experiences of other institutions in order to (1) raise the bar of the university’s academic, managerial standards, and performance; (2) identify the gaps and areas for improvement; (3) determine innovative approaches; (4) create new programs, and; (5) decide on priorities and allocation of resources.

WVSU is the first state university in Region VI to offer the Doctor of Medicine program and its newest college, the College of Dentistry, just opened in 2021. 



UP College of Medicine Dean Charlotte Chiong presented the very competitive Integrated Arts and Medicine (INTARMED) program of the UP College of Medicine. With the suspension of the UP College Admissions Test for two years due to the pandemic, the college only relied on the University Predicted Grade formulated by the UP System for the selection process of students. “But we do have an interview process to find out whether their characteristics will be suitable for a medical student, and whether they can finish the very tough curriculum of the College of Medicine,” she clarified.

Dr. Coralie Dimacali, UPCM Associate Dean for Academic Development gave a comprehensive presentation on the evolution of the curriculum, how the Organ System Integrated (OSI) curriculum is conducted, and the importance of accreditation for continuous improvement.



For the College of Nursing, the highlights of the presentation of Dean Sheila Bonito were the shift to flexible learning, its simulation facility, and clinical and community experiences. Since its establishment, UPCN has been maintaining its 100% passing rate and its graduates have been topping the licensure exams.

College of Dentistry Dean Danilo Magtanong discussed some of the teaching and learning practices of their faculty and the resource-generating programs that support and sustain the college such as board exams review, refresher courses, and short post-grad courses. “Do not sit and wait for funding; seek for it. Invest in being friendly to students who will become your alumni,” he shared.

“Collaboration is not a 21st-century skill; it is a 21st-century essential. It’s so admirable, I know you’re all busy people but we really see that you are just too willing to help us,” said Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Ma. Asuncion Christine Dequilla.

“Gratitude is the memory of the heart. We have seen how generous you have been with your time, for sharing your secrets, your tips, and for answering our questions on how we could go by with our own colleges. If we can provide assistance, we are willing to do the same,” she added.


Representatives tour the facilities of the three colleges.


The WVSU delegation was composed of Dr. Ma. Asuncion Christine Dequilla (Vice President for Academic Affairs), Dr. Celina C. Gellada (Vice President for Medical and Allied Sciences), Dr. Roumilla Mendoza (College of Medicine Associate Dean for Academic Affairs), Dr. Victor Amantillo, Jr. (College of Medicine Dean), Prof. Joanna C. Pabilona (College of Nursing Dean), Dr. Liza Assumpta M. Jover (College of Dentistry Dean), and Ms. Christine Jaspe (HRMO).

Anne Marie Alto | Published in UP Manila Healthscape Issue No. 40 (June 2022)

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