UP Manila Christmas Celebration 2021: "Kumukutikutitap mga Kulay ng Pasko sa UP Manila!"


from the 
Office of the Chancellor and the 
2021 Christmas Celebration Committee
We are inviting the UPM community to actively participate in the ✨2021 UP Manila Christmas celebration✨, guided by the theme,
"Kumukutikutitap mga Kulay ng Pasko sa UP Manila!", which will also be livestreamed in our UPM Facebook page
Register in advance for the Zoom webinars:
12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS (Dec. 2-17)
Day 1: DEC. 2  (sponsored by the College of Arts & Sciences)
Day 2: DEC. 3   (sponsored by the College of Allied Medical Professions)
Day 3: DEC. 6  (sponsored by the College of Pharmacy)
Day 4: DEC. 7  (sponsored by the College of Public Health)
Day 5: DEC. 8  (sponsored by the College of Nursing)
Day 6:  DEC. 9  (sponsored by the College of Dentistry)
Day 7:  DEC. 10  (sponsored by the College of Medicine)
Day 8:  DEC. 13  (sponsored by the Philippine General Hospital)
Day 9:  DEC. 14  (sponsored by UPM School of Health Sciences)
Day 10:  DEC. 15  (sponsored by the UPM National Institutes of Health)
Day 11:  DEC. 16  (sponsored by the National Teacher Training Center for the Health Professions)
Day 12: DEC. 17  (sponsored by Central Administration Division)