17th UP Manila S&T Week (2021): "Understanding the Tools of Healthcare" (UP SIBOL)


17th UP Manila S&T Week (2021): "AGAP AGHAM II: Continuing Response to the PANDEMIC through RESEARCH”

Main Organizer:  Office of the Vice Chancellor for  Research (OVCR)


DAY 1/  1 December 2021 /  9:00 am - 12:00 nn
"Understanding the The Tools of Healthcare" 

Register abit.ly/STW2021Zoom

Why Attend:
  • You are a curious individual who would like to learn more about the medical equipment we use in the Pandemic and in the New Normal. Worried that you won’t understand the medical and engineering jargons? Worry no more because we will laymanize it for you ;)
  • You also want to learn more about the Education Arm of UP SIBOL and how you can participate in future activities bridging engineering, arts, the sciences, and medicine