UPM Museum of a History of Ideas: Prof. Arnulfo Esguerra's Watercolor Brush Painting Exhibit "Banyuhay Pilipino Series"

August 6, 2019 to August 17, 2019

The Exhibit, which will run from 6-17 Aug 2019, is open to the public.
The Opening Reception on 8 August 2019 (8am to 12am) is by invitation only. 


About the Artist:

Arnufo N. Esguerra is a retired faculty of the University of the Philippines Manila where he lectured courses in Archaelogy, Philippine and Asian History, and History of Medicine. Prof. Esguerra is well-known in the university community as an expert and a prolific practitioner of Chinese watercolor painting in both Traditional Meticulous or Courtstyle (Gong-bi;) and the Freehand or Literati style (Xie-yi).

He started honing his artistic skills in 1984 under painting masters of the Liberty Hall. His artistic genius and breadth of inspiration is clearly exhibited in his paintings' detailed brushwork and its eclectic themes--ranging from the focus to the natural world and landscape to Filipino sceneries.

Constantly aiming to contribute to society and to paying it forward, Prof.Esguerra's advocacies are demonstrated in his active participationin the Street Kids' Program of the Ugnayan ng Pahinungod / UP Volunteer Corps and in his initiative to conduct Painting Therapy sessions for the Philippine General Hospital's patients who are recovering from stroke and children with movement disorders.

In his every piece of art, he hopes that its audience would feel--amidst numerous adversities--the celebration of life and spirituality in nature.


His Medium:

All artworks were created using Original Chinese and Japanese mineral-based water color pigments (known to last for hundreds of years and were used in the ancient East Asian paintings) in high-quality Mulberry painting paper sourced from Taiwan and Japan.