"Space age spine surgery for Filipinos" (UP System)


"...In the past it was very dangerous,” he said, “because you go down to the spine, which is a very deep part of the body. To open it up is very bloody and of course, there’s the idea that you might get paralyzed because you have your nerves there. That’s really scary.”

However, Bundoc insisted that technological advances have mostly made these scary scenarios a thing of the past. In their place, we now have a set of tools and techniques that make up Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS). MISS allows doctors to get a three-dimensional view of your spinal area and the ability to operate on it directly, while leaving only a tiny incision. This not only makes surgeries more precise; it also allows patients to recuperate faster. It also dramatically reduces hospital stays for patients, and the resulting expenses..."


Article link:  https://www.up.edu.ph/index.php/space-age-spine-surgery-for-filipinos/


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