UP Med Webinars: Lenten Recollection Webinars (March 2019; Updated)

March 12, 2019 to April 8, 2019
College of Medicine


Instructions for group viewing for Lenten webinars on March 22 and April 5, 2019, Fridays 12-1 pm MNL.

For those who would like to do group viewing for the Lenten webinars in a chosen venue:

1. BEFORE THE WEBINAR: One point person from the group needs to register to the webinar via the registration links:  bit.ly/lenten032219 (Mar 22 12-1 pm) and bit.ly/lenten040519 (April 5, 12-1 pm). (Suggested Internet bandwidth of at least 1 mbps)

2. 15 MIN BEFORE THE WEBINAR: Point person then projects the webinar from his computer to a screen for the entire group to view.  Point person  passes around an attendance sheet and eval sheet that should be signed/accomplished by all participants. (See attached documents.)

3. AFTER THE WEBINAR: Point person emails the accomplished attendance sheet (encoded excel file and signed hardcopy) and a photo of group viewing to upcmclass1990@gmail.com.