"‘Scarred but not scared,’ this doctor’s grace and humility inspire" (Inquirer.Net)


“To this day,” she says, “my most memorable patients are those whom I was able to serve in PGH. As a trainee I was always impressed by the patients’ will to survive, which would always outweigh their medical conditions and socioeconomic background."

"Few fields are as noble and selfless as the practice of medicine. I have always had the highest respect for the medical community. One member in particular stands out for her talent, skills, compassion, grace and the many causes she champions.

Dr. Geraldine Zamora, or Ging, as family and friends call her, is an internist and one of only about 150 rheumatologists in the Philippines..."


Article link: https://lifestyle.inquirer.net/310002/scarred-not-scared-doctors-grace-humility-inspire/