Mind Meld 2018: "Promoting the Rights of Patients and Health Care Professionals through Interprofessional Collaboration"

April 21, 2018


Call for Team Participants & Audience Members!!!  

MindMeld 2018
April 21, 2018 / 8 AM to 5PM
Emergency Room Complex 215 and 218  


Organizers:  UP Medicine Student Council and  UP Pharmaceutical Association

Mind Meld is the first interprofessional case competition in the country.  For the past three years, Mind Meld has been a competition among healthcare teams composed of students from different professions. Participants are given a case wherein, as a team, they have to assess the situation, identify the roles of the different professions, and use their knowledge and expertise to formulate optimal management plans and interventions. In addition, there will be a workshop and several talks to be conducted by the UP Manila Community Health and Development Program.  

To register as Team Participant (must be from UPM) or as Audience member (from UPM, other schools):  http://tiny.cc/MindMeld2018

For inquiries, please contact:
Chryz Angelo Jonathan Bagsic
Academics and Research Committee
UP Medicine Student Council
0977 821 4133 / cbbagsic1@up.edu.ph