Executive Summary: Report of the PGH Dengue Investigative Task Force (UP System)


"Under the directives of the Department of Health (DOH) Sec. Francisco T. Duque and the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Director Dr. Gerardo D. Legaspi, the PGH Dengue Investigative Task Force (PGH DITF) was organized by Dr. Juliet O. Sio-Aguilar, Chair of the Department of Pediatrics, to serve as the independent body of expert physicians of PGH to evaluate the deaths of 14 children who were given one to three doses of the Dengvaxia® vaccine.

The DITF was instructed to thoroughly review each case to address the growing concern of the general public regarding the safety of the Dengvaxia®vaccine. The DITF was specifically tasked to determine the cause of death of each child and to assess if any possible association existed between the death and the vaccination..."

Link:  https://www.up.edu.ph/index.php/executive-summary-report-of-the-pgh-dengue-investigative-task-force/


You can download the PDF version of the Executive Summary from the website. The PDF also contains the Fact Sheet on AEFI and Causality Assessment for clarification of definitions.