Japan Technology Group: Request For Proposals -- Collaboration in Oncology area


Shared by Dr. Alvin Marcelo, Director of UPM-TTBDO.


Japan Technology Group, Inc.*, a technology transfer consulting company based in Tokyo, Japan, is calling for a Request For Proposals (RFP). This Call is for a large Japanese pharmaceutical company which is just starting to seek partners, especially for collaboration in the Oncology area at a very early stage.
Key Words:
cancer immuno-therapy, anticancer immunity, immune checkpoint, metabolic immuno-oncology, cancer vaccination, adoptive cell therapy, immuno-oncology
Non-limiting examples:
1. Curative intent in Solid Tumors and Hem Cancer
2. “Cold-to-Hot” tumor microenvironment
Attached is the RFP document for more details. The deadline for the initial proposal will be on 28 February 2018
For any questions, please contact directly:
Mr. Mitsu Yamamoto

Managing Director,
Japan Technology Group, Inc.
2-105 Kandaawajicho, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo, 101-0063, JAPAN

Email: myamamoto@japantechnologygroup.com 
Tel: +81 3.5298.6552; Fax: +81 3.5294.3008


* JTG is considered the leading advisory firm for technology transfer and business development between global corporations and universities in Japan