"Dengue is different: why the dengue vaccine is still needed" (Breakdengue.org)

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'The unique characteristics of dengue fever mean the dengue vaccine is different to other vaccines, according to an expert from The Philippines

Most vaccines are given to infants before they are exposed to a disease-causing virus or bacteria. Dengue is different. Because the disease can be caused by four types of virus, people who have already been exposed to a first infection are good candidates for the vaccine.

‘The breakthrough dengue vaccine does not work like a traditional vaccine,’ says Dr. Edsel Maurice Salvana. ‘Instead, it is meant to reduce the risk of severe dengue infection. And it does this very well.’

In the wake of a political and media storm in the Philippines, Dr. Salvana has been calmly injecting a dose of science into the public discussion. As Director of the Institute of Molecular Biology at the National Institutes of Health and a practicing physician who sees dengue fever on a daily basis, he has urged the public to take a balanced view of why the dengue vaccine is still needed – provided it is used appropriately...'