1st UP Public Service Writing Fellowship: Call for Applications


Deadline of Submission of Applications: 31 August 2017

From the Guidelines:   

"The Public Service Writing Fellowship will promote public service as a scholarly and interdisciplinary endeavor. It will encourage university faculty and staff
to continue to write literature-grounded evaluation and documentation in the form of journal articles for publication based on the public service initiatives that they have
developed and undertaken."

"Eight (8) fellows will be selected from each of the Constituent University. For CUs without qualified applicants, their slots will be reallocated to other qualified from
other CUs. The fellowship is open to all UP faculty and staff who wish to write and publish their experiences and the results of the public service initiatives they have
designed and undertaken in a scholarly outlet. Applicants of the fellowship must submit an outline which must include the important details of their public service
initiatives and projects. Once their application has been granted by the selection committee, the fellows shall undergo a write shop in order to further hone and
develop their output. Fellows will discuss their researches – the conceptualization, methodology, results and conclusions during the small group discussions. They may
improve their papers after the write shop in accordance with the criteria for publishing in the journal of their interest..."


Attachments: Guidelines, Application Form (in pdf; for those who want a Word format, pls. email ovppa@up.edu.ph.