"World’s most prolific editor Dr José Florencio Lapeña, Jr discusses the state of medical research in the Philippines" (today.mims.com)

“Our research may not be at the forefront, but it is not at the bottom either. We do have a few cutting-edge, world-class contributions, and with proper support, we ought to contribute a lot more,” Dr Lapeña added. One way to improve medical research is by "seamlessly translating traditionally conceived ‘health research’ towards ‘research for health’"

Link: http://today.mims.com/topic/world-s-most-prolific-editor-dr-jos--florencio-lape-a--jr-discusses-the-state-of-medical-research-in-the-philippines?country=Philippines&channel=GN-Local-News-PH&elq_mid=9805&elq_cid=9673