"Bittersweet" by Jarvin Enosh Tan, BS Pharmacy grad (MentalHealthPH)

From MentalHealthPH ( https://www.facebook.com/notes/mentalhealthph/bittersweet/1366290333433647  ):

Our second story of hope reminds us of the importance of support systems that have always been patient with us, the challenges we face and the rough days just so they'll see us and still be there for us in our victories. #MentalHealthPH#VoicesofHope

"To quote: "To everyone reading this now and going through mental health problems of your own, it definitely is and will be difficult, but it will definitely also get better. Find good people, and never stop fighting. Proactively seek out help and things will work out on the end. I know you can do this." -- Jarvin Enosh Tan, BS Pharmacy grad (with honors; 2016)