Primary Goal and Objectives

The UP College of Nursing shall carry out its mission with the overall objective of providing leadership and excellence in nursing education, research, continuing education, community service and nursing development.
Specifically, the objectives include the following:

A. Nursing Education – to prepare professional nurses who:

  1. can function as primary care providers in all settings;
  2. can function as clinical nurse specialists, educators, middle level managers and researchers;
  3. are socially conscious and responsive to the needs of the country; and, will be leaders in nursing practice, education and research.

B. Research

  1. To undertake researches on problems in nursing practice, education and management;
  2. To disseminate research findings;
  3. To create opportunities for and encourage utilization of research findings; and
  4. To promote evidence-based practice in nursing.

C. Continuing Education and Community Extension Services

  1. To design and implement continuing education programs for nurse practitioners, educators, administrators and researchers;
  2. In cooperation with requesting agencies, to develop and/or assist and implement training programs for nurses;
  3. To provide resource persons and consultants in the field of nursing practice, education and research; and
  4. To design, implement and coordinate extension service projects.

D. Consultancy/Exchange Programs

  1. To provide one's expertise to other agencies; and
  2. To assist in capability-building for nurses and nursing-related institutions.

E. Nursing Development

  1. To seek opportunities and resources for human and physical development;
  2. To develop responsive programs/projects in order to provide for better quality of life through optimum health;
  3. To provide leadership in the areas of nursing practice, nursing education, continuing education and nursing research; and,
  4. To seek to influence, through its various programs/projects, national, health and nursing policies.