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Message from the Chancellor, Dr. Manuel B. Agulto

Rally to U.P. and Country!

New UP President Alfredo E. Pascual embodies leadership that UP Manila welcomes like a fresh wind of change in a critical time of our history. His battlecry for a great university translates from our slogan of UP as a research university that is globally competitive as much as it is nationally relevant.

The primacy of research in the academe comes from the need to advance the frontiers of knowledge so as to improve the quality of life of the seven billion human beings on planet earth today. The need to quickly improve the common lot of people in a global society cannot be ignored. While the rich enjoy their overflowing bounty, the poor majority still suffer silently in misery and hunger. We agree with the rest of right-thinking humankind that science and technology must be the engine of growth and hope for social amelioration. More research into the health, economic, and socio-political realms must result in a better life for all. While the surfeit of the developed countries is wasted in the evils of world dominion, the underdeveloped nations passively await their freedom from want in a progressively dark existence without subsistence. Such views on current world problems cannot help UP Manila, the Health Sciences Center in focusing on the sad plight of ninety million Filipinos today.

Advances in human knowledge have now come up with prediction of the ability of computers to expand and even surpass human knowledge. Information and computer technologies can potentially and geometrically evolve so that in less than half a century computer power will exceed human reasoning and logic. Past examples of such previously unheard of feats include computers beating the world chess champion in a game of logic, imagination, and inspiration. Together with the rest of humanity, the Filipino eagerly awaits the promise of technology and science to deliver us from our socio-politico economic rut. How to eliminate avoidable diseases with unpleasant and unwanted outcomes remains a distant mirage in the horizon. UP has to answer to the Filipino let alone the world. If he remains unlettered and hungry with unmet basic needs, we at UP and its alumni must respond and care for them.

We must carry the vision and mission of UP to their logical ends - an improved human condition of the Filipino. Healthy competition in the world arena must not be feared. We can do no less than being our best. By God, we must prevail. No other choice remains now for UP and the Filipino for it will bring out the best in us. We must stop looking at ourselves as the sick man of Asia. UP, including the Health Sciences Center, must rally to the flag and country to become again a leader in the Far East. Let us not forget what Rizal and our other great heroes died for - a proud nation with a heritage of boldness and sacrifice.

About UP Manila

The University of the Philippines Manila is located in Ermita, Manila, the birthplace of the UP System in 1908. It is where the UP System spent its formative years until its transfer to Diliman, Quezon City in 1948. Much of the evolution of UP as the country’s national university and premier learning center for many disciplines occurred in the Manila campus.  As such, the history of UP Manila is entwined with that of the UP System.  More so, UP Manila’s historical beginnings also trace back to the founding of its first and oldest college, the College of Medicine, which begun in 1905 as the Philippine Medical School. 

Today, UP Manila is home to nine degree-granting units, the National Institutes of Health, the Philippine General Hospital, and several academic and administrative support offices.

As the Philippines' health sciences center, UP Manila is distinguished by pioneering and innovative academic programs,  relevant researches that respond to the country’s major health problems, and significant community services that benefit marginalized sectors of people and communities. The programs and services address the priority health concerns of Filipinos and are being undertaken through close partnership with its colleges and units and collaboration with the government, policy makers, other health institutions and professional health groups.

UP Manila develops programs that serve as models and benchmarks of health education and health care in the Philippines. Many of the pioneering curricular programs are offered only in the University even until now, such as the Integrated Arts and Medicine Program (seven-year medical program); Master of Rehabilitation Science; MS in Clinical Audiology; MA in Health Policy Studies; and, the step-ladder curriculum of the School of Health Sciences, which now has three campuses – the main campus in Palo, Leyte, and the two extension campuses in Baler (Aurora) and South Koronadal (Cotabato City).

In research, UP Manila has been pursuing its mandate by generating and disseminating knowledge and technologies that can effectively contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of Filipinos. Its research outputs have greatly influenced the thrusts and directions of national health care programs and have been used as basis for policy formulation and implementation. Recent initiatives in research during the past six years under my administration are meant to provide a more conducive and facilitative  atmosphere for research pursuits.

To strengthen its community services, UP Manila is implementing an expanded Community Health and Development Program in San Juan, Batangas, that serves as a common field practicum site for its students.  More programs are being implemented to intensify its public service role.

The details of these specific programs and the rest of what define UP Manila as the Philippines' leading health university are what you will find in this website.

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